Social Media Management
Artistic Development

1.Facebook Band page “Root Music” with SoundCloud, and “Call to Action” for fans 

2.Instagram Band 

3.Twitter Band Page

4.Google + Band Page

5.Snapchat Band Page

6.Youtube Band Video channel

7.Vimeo Band Video channel

8. Vevo Band Video Channel




A revolution and reckoning has come. Things are changing rapidly right before our eyes. The time is right now to finally make the difference we should have before. The could have, should of, would have, if, but’s, etc. attitude is over. It’s time for actions, time, attention, and effort. It’s the time to prove all things for good. There is no more excuses (the devil talking) “we are scared or doubtful, not good enough, nothing positive to say or play.Well no more! We are taking charge and taking this positive music back to the masses, the people, the fans, the media, and the world! Alpha-Omega Music Marketing, will offer a safe, discreet, ingenious, honest, faithful, spiritual, hardworking, knowledgeable but most of all CARING platform. Our bands and musicians all have a common core value, belief, morality. The bands style, lyrics, and performances will all be a positive loving influence/message for their fans. FOR Bands with a positive centered influence & creativity; through their concerts, tours & festivals,, Cd’(albums), singles, merchandise, radio stations & online radio, downloads, streams, websites, social media etc. to the fans, media, people, other musicians, music industry, and any target audience you want to address personally!

How we Help:

1.Create official band website-mobile ready

2. Organic marketing (SEO) on all major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Zoo. 

3.) SEM,PayPerClick (keyword search) on all major search engines. 


Music Specialty Website promotion and marketing:

a.Reverbnation  b.Topspin

c.) Tweet for a Track & –, g.Fanbridge/Merged with Facebook to become “Damntheradio”: h.) Mobile Roadie


5. All media and music television and music/band magazines.

6.Marketing/Promoting/Streaming Internet Radio: a.)Dozmia b.)SoundCloud c.)Spotify d.)Pandora e.)Sirius/XM f.)Slacker g.)MS Grove Music h.)Amazon Unlimited music i.)Apple Music  j.)Google Play 7.)Tours/Festivals/Showcases

8.) will promote you on both Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and regionals like Stubbs.

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